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New reviews posted 12 October 2019

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Latest News...

December news: Jim's pre-pandemic interview with The Show on KJZZ has been made available for streaming at the Fronteras Desk website.

October news: Jim's long been a champion of George R. Stewart's Earth Abides, and is pleased to recommend a beautiful new edition of the novel from Mariner Books, which includes a fine introduction from Stan Robinson. Another longtime favorite of Jim's, like Stewart's novel a strong influence on his own work, is Walter Tevis. With the astonishingly faithful and moving adaptation of Tevis's The Queen's Gambit by Scott Frank and Allan Scott now appearing on Netflix, one hopes for renewed attention to Tevis's work. Meanwhile, here is Jim's piece on Tevis from one of his earliest columns for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

August news: Up for publication in following months are new stories "Schools of Thought" (in Analog), "Bury All Towers" (in North American Review), "The Cry of Evening Birds" (in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction), and "Billie Deliver's Next 12 Novels" (in Xavier Review). The Xavier Review story will be accompanied by three new poems: "The Surrealist Imagines Death," "Freedoms," and "Afternoon Naps." Also, in February, "Big Day in Little Bit" in Bullets and Other Hurting Things, edited by Rick Ollerman — a tribute volume to Bill Crider — from Down and Out Books. Jim's novel Sarah Jane recently showed up on the short list for the Macavity Awards from Mystery Readers International in, as Jim says, "some flattering, fine company."

July news: You can read Jim's short story, "Scientific Methods," along with an extensive intro, online at the North Dakota Quarterly.

June news: Soho Crime presents Stuart Neville and James Sallis talking writing and crime fiction with Juliet Grames Wednesday, June 24 from 12-1 pm PDT.

May news: Forthcoming: Jim's story "Dayenu," which originally appeared in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, recently saw a companion piece in Interzone's "Carriers." The two-in-one ("Ace double") volume of Difficult Lives/Hitching Rides is set for publication by Soho Syndicate in June. New stories just found homes at The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction ("The Cry of Evening Birds") and North American Review ("Bury All Towers"). An interview with Jim by Tom Ue, "The Question of Closure in James Sallis' and Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive," appears in The Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance (vol. 13, no.1). (PDF available on with signup.)

April news: Jim's short story "Net Loss" appears in the current issue of Analog, with another, "Schools of Thought," scheduled shortly. "Quilts," a short-short written to match an assignment given to his novel-writing class (write an end-of-the-world story in two pages), recently appeared on the website 365 Tomorrows. "Carriers," in the new issue of Interzone #286, is a short novella set in the same near-future as his earlier "Dayenu." Jim's forthcoming column for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction reviews story collections by Sarah Pinsker, Susan Palwick, and Kameron Hurley.

January news: Sarah Jane has received a lovely review in the Los Angeles Review of Books from Glenn Harper. From the review: "James Sallis delineates the worlds of his characters through his laconic and vivid writing: he brings to the plain language of noir a literary sensibility, with striking prose and frequent literary references that are never obtrusive...Sarah Jane, his remarkable new novel, is about a woman who finds her place in the world but can't escape her past, in a story that demonstrates deep empathy for both central and incidental characters."

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